Mother’s Day Brunch

$35 per person three-course brunch

Sunday May 12th

Kids can order off of the regular kid brunch menu

Menu is attached here for you!


First Course

Coconut Tea Cake

Fresh fruit

Greek Yogurt and house made granola



Belgian Waffle
Macerated Strawberries + Whipped cream + Candied Almonds + Tender Belly Bacon

Salmon Nicoise
Mache + Olives + Green Beans + Jodar Farms Hard-boiled Egg + Fingerling Potatoes

Fried Jodar Farms egg on focaccia
Herb Butter + Shaved Radish + Watercress + Dill

Bravas Hash
Fingerling Potatoes + Jodar Farms Eggs + Bacon + Mushroom + Lemon + Red Onion + Cilantro

Bentons Ham and cheese sandwich
Piquillo pepper + Pickled Red Onion + Cheddar

Haystack Chevre + Chives + Dressed Greens

Banana bread French toast
Banana Whipped Cream + Salted Caramel + Stewed Apples + Maple + Tender Belly bacon

Jodar egg Souffle
Tenderbelly Bacon + Asparagus + Asiago + Dressed Greens

Shrimp N’ Grits
Capers + Tender Belly Bacon + Tomato + Lemon + Horsetooth Hot Sauce

Falafel Waffle Benedict
Tomato Jam + Frisee + Garlic Sauce + Jodar Farms egg

Carda’mom’ caramel Palmiers