April 1, 2018, 9am – 3pm

4 courses for $29.50 per person

Children under 12 $14.50

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First course

Mountain berry parfait with rolled oats


Second course

Erica’s Baklava with fresh fruit


Third course

Choice of:

French Toast bread pudding whipped cream, fruit, syrup and tenderbelly bacon

Quinoa Porridge golden raisins, blueberries, almonds, cream and mint

Chorizo burrito- breakfast potatoes, scrambled eggs, monteray jack cheese, green chile and sour cream

Buttermilk biscuits– sage pork sausage gravy, two eggs, lemon dressed arugula

Fromage blanc Quiche– with lemon dressed arugula

Slow roasted pork benedict–   Two poached eggs, mole hollandaise, breakfast potatoes and cilantro

Traditional benedict Two poached eggs, house made Canadian bacon, breakfast potatoes, English muffin and hollandaise

Fried chicken sandwich fried egg, whipped maple butter, and tenderbelly bacon

Buddha bowl turmeric brown rice, fresh raw vegetables, Thai peanut sauce

Duck confit hash– red onion, bell peppers, breakfast potatoes and two sunny side eggs

Roasted beet salad- Shaved fennel, watercress, goat cheese, grapefruit and lemon vinaigrette

Caesar salad– sourdough crouton, shaved parmesan cheese, green chile cured egg yolk


Final Course

Strawberry Panna cotta with mint


Sides $3

Bacon  / Breakfast Potatoes / Tender Belly Bacon / Biscuit and Seasonal Jam








Specialty Drinks



Classic Mimosa $7 / Bottomless $13 / Blood Orange $8 / Bottomless $14


Locality Signature Bloody Mary- $8

A traditional bloody with a hint of smoke and sweetness


Bacon Bloody $9

Slightly smoked bloody garnished with a Tender Belly bacon strip

olive and lime salted rim




Kid’s menu



$14.50 includes all courses and drink



  • French Toast Bread Pudding / Bacon / Vanilla Yogurt


  • Chicken Fingers / Fried or Grilled / Vanilla Yogurt


  • Creamy Cheesy Pasta


  • Biscuit and sausage gravy / bacon


  • Quinoa porridge / golden raisins / blueberries / almonds / cream and mint


  • Cheesy Scrambled Eggs / Bacon / Vanilla Yogurt