After 1 year as the Sous Chef for Locality Kitchen and Bar we are thrilled to announce that Dryden Goss is our Executive Chef.


Dryden Goss, Executive Chef

Chef Dryden Goss

Executive Chef, Dryden Goss

I grew up in Kalamazoo, Michigan and moved to Colorado in 2010 for my love and passion of the mountains. There was an energy so attractive about the majestic rocky mountains that I just simply could not resist. From a very young age I was drawn to the kitchen, I would get into my mothers cabinets and start pouring spices into the sink because I loved the action of seasoning things.

As a teenager I fell in love with the rough cut culture of the kitchen environment, I started as a dishwasher and realized that with hard work anything could be achieved within the kitchens walls. At twenty-one I was named sous chef of the newest and hottest restaurant in Kalamazoo where I flourished there for five years. By twenty-five I was offered an opportunity to own my own restaurant fully backed by silent donations within the community of my hometown. I turned down this ‘deal of a lifetime’ as I felt I needed to work harder for what I wanted to achieve, it was simply put, too easy. At this point in my life I understood that with hard work anything can be accomplished in life and ones accomplishments should not be contained within four walls.

This is when I accepted the invitation from the Rocky Mountains, as soon as I arrived to Colorado I got one proverbial green light after another. I had the opportunity to run a million dollar account for sedexo at the CH2MHILL world headquarters in Denver which truly tested my abilities as a service professional, and of course fell in love with it. But at this time my “home away from home” was calling me, Fort Collins, I moved back up here and helped open two more restaurants (making that six total now) and have been calling this place home ever since.