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About providing an incredible and unique dining experience

Executive Chef

Dryden Goss

Chef Dryden has an amazing passion for food and locally sourced ingredients, and we are proud to see this come through in the dishes we serve. He is truly community oriented; whether having a class of preschoolers in the kitchen or preparing a farm dinner, he does it all with a smile on his face.

He takes the time to impart his knowledge of each carefully selected ingredient to our staff and to our guests who are lucky enough to catch him outside of the kitchen. he works hard to implement full circle relationships with our purveyors, you can find him taking our kitchen’s vegetable scraps to a local farm to feed the animals, or chatting with a farmer about their expected crop harvest window.

When Chef Dryden isn’t biking through the beautiful terrain of Colorado, he spends his time conceiving ways to make Locality even better, and we are proud to have him. His team of Sous Chefs and Pastry Chef help put his visions into action and strive to deliver beautifully crafted food with integrity to every guest.

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